Saturday, January 19, 2013

What is the Fashion Dynamic?

Well the Fashion Dynamic is where all those busy mom's can to take a mini fashion vacay! Being a mom of three beautiful, bouncing, balls of energy is it hard to stay fashion forward. Fashion forward as in not leaving the house like you just rolled out of the bed and having a side pony tail..not the cute chic one. We mom have to stick together and help each other out in the fashion department. So here I am.. here to save the day!! I work full-time like most moms and on top of that, I wear boots all day. So when I get home all I want to is put some sweat pants on and flips and try to relax. Now is that what I really want to wear? uh no! I would love to have some cute heels, skinny jeans and cute top and ride out. Is that gonna happen? No! So hopefully here we can get our fashion crisis' out and have fun in the process..

-fashionably dynamic

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